Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The secret treasure vault refurbished

Treasure/collection site now up and renovated. But it still needs a few bugs worked out due to the aging of my web site builder program. The fonts mainly Arial does not show correctly when you see my site in the latest FireFox or InternetExplorer. I think WebSiteCreator could use an update. Its showing as Times Roman. Going to have to figure out a work around in the mean time. I also may go back and add a few teeny animated surprises to the title pic. But over all I really think the new renovations turned out great. 

Also if you look carefully on my main site there is a secret way of getting to the treasure/collection site. Try and find it if you like.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Treasure Spike

Yes! Finally completed.
After all those delays due to things breaking like my computer and then there’s the constant interruptions. Its finally done. Speaking of interruptions, still get interrupted while I'm working. Most annoying when you get in the zone and you loose your place or thought possess on how you are going to do something. Some things just have lots of details and if you get distracted well, you get annoying mistakes.

Anyways its another Spike the tiger illustration and this time its for my treasure/collection half of my site which as been under refurbishment for over a year. Of course it will be a bit till I recalibrate things as I said before and organize things. Oh yeah here's the original drawings and previous completed illustration with the same theme in case you're interested. 

 Full image^
 Close up so you can see some details. ^

The illustration was completed the same way as the last one with PhotoShop using the digital graphics technique. Oh yeah and another thing, in case you haven't noised or maybe don't care, (too bad!)I didn't bother adding the blue spiked collar since you wouldn't really see it properly any how. It would just look too weird and make him look like he had horns and we all know that Spike isn't evil. Besides horns belong on other animals and things like a tyger. That’s a creature that looks like a wolf that has spikes on its back or some place and curly horns on its head like a ram of some sort. A little trivia for you. ;) Also the treasure chest was actually recycled from an earlier project and used on that part of my site originally only now its refurbished. Refurbishing seems to be the thing these days, am I right? :)

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Actual progress

Happy to say I actually got some of my illustration done. Also good news, its almost done.
After all the stuff that happened this year with stuff breaking with my computer being one of them things have finally settled down enough for me to actually get some things completed. Hopefully now I can finally get caught up not to mention get back to some paying jobs soon considering my job provider has been keeping in touch too. Thank goodness. Hears hoping for things to get better.

Expect to see something here soon, just not on my website for a bit. Still have to reconfigure that since the great data move to my new computer.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Monarch Butterfly tee-shirt 1

Finally got the thing done after many distractions. Actually it was completed weeks ago but only recently got around to posting about it.

It’s a bit of an experiment. I’m using a heat transfer that I designed and for the first time I used it as a guide for airbrushing the artwork.

Pro, it was easy to airbrush light colours on a multi-coloured tee such as this tie dye tee I made a number of years ago. Con, you can’t place frisket or some other paint blockers on to already painted areas on the heat transfer image or you may run into annoyances like peeling paint. With that said with I just repainted those areas that peeled, by hand then reairbrushed the damaged areas.  No problem.  Then I added some very small gems on the antennas for that extra something.  Finally I gave it a few shots of clear coat just to make sure. Hopefully that did the trick for making it last with out scratches for instance.

Over all it looks great but just not sure if I can heat set the design. Still have to figure that one out.

I have another look-a-like in the works and hopefully I can work on it soon. 

Also can be seen on my web site soon.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Changing direction.

Well I kind of changed my mine temporarily about finding a new web site after thinking about it. Instead I’m going to use this really nice online portfolio that I found at one of my favorite haunts for fellow artists.
Its really great because its quite generous with its space regarding how much content you can load in there regarding your works. Plus when you get the hang of using the stuff to customize your site, its easy to put together.  So for now going to use this as a mini backup web site for a more stable way of showing the people who are behind these potential job opportunities and not worrying about the darn site being down.
That unfortunately always seems to happen to me when I have stuff to show with my original site. Its embarrassing and frustrating.
So anyway, for a free portfolio site this mini site for me is really great and hopefully stable enough so that in the future, I don’t go though any more of this nonsense.  There’s also a premium part of the site of course but I really don’t need that.
So any one needing a really good and generous place for your portfolio check out dunked.com.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Trying to stay enthusiastic

Looks like I started yet another personal project. Another Spike the tiger illustration this time for the other part of my site. See previous post about the drawings, completed project and renovated creative part of my site. It sure beats, being bummed out over my current situation. 

Oh yeah got rid of the "labels thing"  Felt it was pretty redundant since you can view current and previous art work at my web site. Going to replace that with something else soon.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Where are they????

Ugh what did I do with those tie-dye tees I did number of years ago, You know? The ones that are very similar to the ones I painted dolphins on?  Its so frustrating when you loose something that you really wanted to paint something on.  After I tie-dyed these pink and red glow-in-the -dark tees I put them away for awhile till I could use them for something. But now its like they fell in to the center of the earth and its driving me nuts now. But then so is every thing else these days. Like trying to make some cash. Yeah I know I’m not the only one in this situation ……..Aaaaaaaaack!

Just that I really wanted to paint some butterflies on them but instead I found every other tee I bought for the purpose of future decorating. So I settled on some other tie-dyed shirts that were similar that I also had put away earlier.  But instead of making a nice chalk print on the shirts, I got nothing. Yet more frustration. So now at that point I ran upstairs and made a few transfer prints from the printer and then ironed on those butterflies so I had a starting point for my painting.  Um no, I’m not cheating since I already drew these earlier elsewhere and fixed it up for this purpose.  OK so now I have something ready to paint but I’m still stumped as to where those other tees are.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Tapping in

This latest vector illustration represents “tapping in” to your talents and making them work for you. Kind of like milking a cow or in this case collecting sap from a tree and making syrup. Of course instead of collecting sap you’re collecting coins. Can now be viewed at my web site too.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Its me again..... completed.

Completed this a few weeks ago but only showing it now. See previous postings.
Media used was fine textured paper with markers, coloured pencils and fine black marker. Normally I would use ink pen but those things have had better days although they don’t look too bad on the out side. But time has warped them from the inside I think and sadly. Oh well. 

Yet another thing that was making me pretty frustrated and bummed out lately. My web site as yet again had down time. Its back up now but has been down one too many times. Going to have to find a new place but its just so hard to find a new decent place with all the things I’m looking for. Got to get my own domain eventually.  

Prospects for new jobs still sucks but one job I just sent a quote and proposal to looks very promising. They want a statue painting which is very similar to a painting I made a few years ago featuring a cat statue I doodled earlier and then painted  in a tropical setting. I really hop I can get this job. I know I can really shine in this one.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Neon Lights Snack bar 6

The last of the bunch of vector art sets featuring products you would find at a snack bar. Will be posting this soon on my web site as well.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Its me again.

Yeah I know. Its yet another profile pic but as you know I don’t like photos of my self on the internet and this is the only way I will have something of me other then avatars.
Just finished it yesterday but I have yet to colour it. I’ll probably colour it in a very traditional way and in the original way that I started off my art journey so very long ago. With coloured pencils, markers and some kind of ink pen. Don’t think I’ll be using my mechanical pens though I think they’re ca-poot. Tried filling them with ink and it just makes a mess. And yeah I cleaned them thru and thru and such but to no avail. I think they’re just too old and maybe over time things get warped. Guess I’ll have to get another set at Staples or something. Bummer now I have to spend money again. Got plenty of ink though.
Anyways my profile features me at work on many art project while my kitty Meetso has a little stretch on one of my art pieces in progress. But also featured are some of my doves are in the antics too. And I do mean some, since I have about 9 of them 7, 8 and 9 are just off the pic hiding someplace. ;)
Before I add some colour going to have to fix a few areas though but they’re just minor things.
Hope you like my work in progress.
Probably be the last profile pic featuring me in a while.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Neon Lights Snack bar 5

New tasty sweet vector graphics just in time for summer. 
Only one more in this series to go! ;)
Also may be viewed at my web site too.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Neon Lights Snack Bar 4

Just in time for the warmer months a new refreshing vector set to drink in.
You can also view at my web site now too. 

Also incase you haven’t noticed I finally got the profile pic/link to what I wanted since Google didn’t give us that option. And besides it was kind of not working like it was suppose to any how.  Just got a nice html code from Dynamic Drive, did a bit of fiddling and wala! A nice pic/link that animates with no bugs in it.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Free beer inside.

Ok so I forgot about this place but then can you blame me. Freelancing, clip-art making and other things is much more lucrative anyway.  But I’ll give it another shot. I added another graphic to my product line. Its basically based on my very successful clip-art set that’s been out in the market for sometime. I might add more when I have some time or when I’m bored or something which is quite rare but not too uncommon if I was to spend more time online. But adding more graphics is limited on a free subscription. Oh well. Still I wonder if interest is waning in regards to operating on such a place with the average Jill? I mean sure some people are obviously making some kind of income there but still I don’t see too many conversations happening in the forums. Maybe I should try Zazzler’s in the future or what ever its called.
Going to have to check them out.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Super me!

Not much of a fan of picture taking. The camera never takes my best side any how. Not really a fan of drawing my self in to a self portrait either but sometimes you have to make a compromise. But I still do have fun working on the drawing and colouring part. This was actually drawn awhile ago but I only just now had the time to actually work on it because of other priorities.  
This is my latest persona in the form of an avatar or profile picture I designed for just that.  Yes it may be a bit exaggerated but its definitely me despite that, my current hair style is a bit shorter as of late. The glasses are the wrong colour and no I never had pink in my hair. Its just one of those fantasies/ persona things of mine but current situations do not allow for pink hair. But the boobs ……are all real.


Will also be on display soon via my web site just as soon as some lagging bug gets fixed over there at the providers. 

Here is the before and after. The pencil drawing then the final. Enjoy!

Oh yeah I left a bit of text space on the side in case I needed it someday.

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Neon Lights Snack bar 3

New another one of those Neon Lights Snack bar series. One to enjoy a nice cuppa coffee with or what ever refreshes you at the moment. Three more left to show.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Neon Lights Snack bar 2

Another one of those Neon lights themed vector.
This one is based mostly on some refreshing drinks you would find at a snack bar.
Uploaded on to my web site a few days ago also.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Little Star the stick horse.

Originally was going to be a finger puppet but seem to fit better as a little stick puppet. Finally got around to finishing it. Not sure if and when I’ll get to make North Star the mommy stick horse or former finger puppet. But eventually I’d like to make that too.  To see what its made out of, the info is available via my web site when you click on the appropriate image in my miscellaneous art section.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Neon Lights Snack bar 1

New graphics in a neon lights theme. They are of stuff you may buy or see at a snack bar or concession stand which is pretty much the same thing. Expect 5 others unless I have to make a few changes.  Now I’m hungry.