Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The secret treasure vault refurbished

Treasure/collection site now up and renovated. But it still needs a few bugs worked out due to the aging of my web site builder program. The fonts mainly Arial does not show correctly when you see my site in the latest FireFox or InternetExplorer. I think WebSiteCreator could use an update. Its showing as Times Roman. Going to have to figure out a work around in the mean time. I also may go back and add a few teeny animated surprises to the title pic. But over all I really think the new renovations turned out great. 

Also if you look carefully on my main site there is a secret way of getting to the treasure/collection site. Try and find it if you like.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Treasure Spike

Yes! Finally completed.
After all those delays due to things breaking like my computer and then there’s the constant interruptions. Its finally done. Speaking of interruptions, still get interrupted while I'm working. Most annoying when you get in the zone and you loose your place or thought possess on how you are going to do something. Some things just have lots of details and if you get distracted well, you get annoying mistakes.

Anyways its another Spike the tiger illustration and this time its for my treasure/collection half of my site which as been under refurbishment for over a year. Of course it will be a bit till I recalibrate things as I said before and organize things. Oh yeah here's the original drawings and previous completed illustration with the same theme in case you're interested. 

 Full image^
 Close up so you can see some details. ^

The illustration was completed the same way as the last one with PhotoShop using the digital graphics technique. Oh yeah and another thing, in case you haven't noised or maybe don't care, (too bad!)I didn't bother adding the blue spiked collar since you wouldn't really see it properly any how. It would just look too weird and make him look like he had horns and we all know that Spike isn't evil. Besides horns belong on other animals and things like a tyger. That’s a creature that looks like a wolf that has spikes on its back or some place and curly horns on its head like a ram of some sort. A little trivia for you. ;) Also the treasure chest was actually recycled from an earlier project and used on that part of my site originally only now its refurbished. Refurbishing seems to be the thing these days, am I right? :)

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Actual progress

Happy to say I actually got some of my illustration done. Also good news, its almost done.
After all the stuff that happened this year with stuff breaking with my computer being one of them things have finally settled down enough for me to actually get some things completed. Hopefully now I can finally get caught up not to mention get back to some paying jobs soon considering my job provider has been keeping in touch too. Thank goodness. Hears hoping for things to get better.

Expect to see something here soon, just not on my website for a bit. Still have to reconfigure that since the great data move to my new computer.